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Nostalgic Collateral
with a DeFi Roadmap

Instant liquidity  |  Upgradable traits  |  Diminishing supply

Comprehensive Guide

Pawn Bots is an ever-evolving NFT project that allows for countless ways to upgrade your NFT on the way to becoming effective collateral to borrow against.


Check out our comprehensive guide to learn all about upgrading your bots using The Forge, The Furnace, and The Pawn Bots Store.


Instant Liquidity

In an NFT world of locked liquidity, Pawn Bots are a first in NFT-as-collateral using the Hifi protocol. Once borrowing is deployed, you can unlock liquidity -INSTANTLY! 

Royalties and project proceeds go into a liquidity pool and will be lent back to holders that wish to borrow! Coming soon. 

Pawn Bots is gonna be ๐Ÿ”ฅ
The Talk
Pawn Bots: Genesis


Pawn Bots Reveal


Borrow (Coming Soon)

Don't sell your NFTs or wait for a stranger's conditions and terms to borrow against it. Access liquidity from your Pawn Bots instantly. 

Melt Down and Forge

Phase I - Combine 2 Bots

Phase II - Ceramic White Body

Phase III - New Eyes, New Background, and New Screen

Phase IV - New Eyes, 3 New Backgrounds, New Screen, and New Body Color

Phase V - 2 New Eyes, New Screen, and New Body Color

Phase VI - 11 New Body Colors,  7 New Eyes, and 1 New Background with Pawn Bot Comic 

Bots Remaining





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