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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Total NFT collection size?

    • 8,888​

  • Minting date & time?

    • July 7, 2022 (Minted Out)

  • Minting price?

    • Free for anyone holding $MFT in their wallet

  • Minting network?

    • Ethereum

  • Minting token?

    • Ethereum

  • Where will they be minted?


  • Max number of NFTs per wallet allowed to be minted?

    • 2

  • How to get whitelisted?

  • Reveal date?

    • July 21, 2022

  • Where can I get MFT?

    • See the Hifi blog post HERE

  • What utility do Pawn Bots have?

    • Collateralizing and borrowing against Pawn Bots will allow holders to tap into their NFT's value.

  • What is a floor-based roadmap?

    • The Pawn Bots roadmap will unlock at the following sustained floor prices:

      • 0.5 ETH: Burn the floor

      • 1 ETH: Borrow against your NFT

  • When will floor burning begin?

    • Once the collection has sustained a 0.5 ETH 

  • How will burning the floor work?

    • Burning NFTs is the process of sending NFTs to a destination that effectively makes them unrecoverable. The team will buy Pawn Bots from the Open Market to accomplish burning once the roadmap milestone has been met. 
      This will lead to a diminishing supply for the 8,888 collection.
      Burn destination address:0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD.
      Note: We will never solicit holders to burn their NFTs.

    • Etherscan transactions of burned Pawn Bots will be posted on our Burn Histroy page (coming soon). 

  • When will borrowing begin?

    • Once the collection has sustained a 1 ETH floor price, Pawn Bots will unlock borrowing utility by leveraging the Hifi Protocol.

  • How will borrowing work?

    • If a user owns a Pawn Bots NFT and is looking for liquidity, they can choose to deposit their Pawn Bots NFT on the Hifi lending protocol and get instant liquidity on chain. 
      The funds are sent to the connected wallet once the transaction is confirmed.  
      The Pawn Bot is placed in a non-custodial vault until the loan is repaid. Visit for details on our current crpyto borrowing protocol. 

  • Why would I want to borrow against my Pawn Bot?

    • Collateralized loans let you tap into the liquidity of your digital assets. Where there is over $ 1 billion of locked liquidity in NFTs, Pawn Bots offers the option to instantly leverage your equity on fixed rates without having to sell your NFT.

  • Why Hifi?​

    • ​Instant liquidity. Hifi can provide instant liquidity to the NFT depositors once they deposit their NFTs. In the case of other borrowing solutions, the borrower has to wait for a peer to agree to an amount and terms, for the borrower to receive the liquidity.

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