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Melt Down and Forge

Melt down and forge your Pawn Bots for a chance to win a never before seen 1-of-1! Holders can combine any 2 Pawn Bots they hold and fine-tune their aesthetic! 

  1. Visit

  2. Connect to MetaMask

  3. Select which bot to keep and which to burn

  4. Select attributes to keep

  5. Click "Approve Burn Contract"

  6. Sign MetaMask approval

  7. Confirm burn in MetaMask

Forge Instructions

Upgrade Attributes

Upgrades are in the hands of holders. Visit the Pawn Bots store to customize and upgrade your NFTs without increasing the total supply. 

Increase rarity with limited traits, customize aesthetics, and build the ultimate Pawn Bot! 


Upgrade instructions

  1. Visit

  2. Connect to MetaMask

  3. Select which bots to upgrade

  4. Approve BURN payment


How many Pawn Bots should be burned per Forge Request?

Holders are required to 1 Pawn Bot per combination request. 

Can a single address complete multiple Forge Requests?

Yes. You can submit as many requests as you have Pawn Bots. However, NFT IDs cannot be used in more than one request.


Will the team render a new Pawn Bot and send it back to the owner?

The remaining Pawn Bot will have a metadata update with the selected properties from the bot sent to the burn address. No action will be needed from holders. The Pawn Bots team will never request/solicit a transfer. 


Are Pawn Bots sent to the burn address recoverable?

Any tokens sent to a burn address are considered unusable and their corresponding transactions are irreversible.

What are the Pawn Bot combinations available for Forging?

Any combination of existing traits (from the two Pawn Bots submitted) is acceptable. The Forge app will guide you through all possible options. 

Can I use attributes from Pawn Bots not submitted in Forge Request?

No. You MUST use existing traits from the two Pawn Bots you have submitted. Ie. If you submit a Pawn Bot with Body Color Red and Body Color Original, you cannot forge a Pawn Bot with Body Color Gold. Selecting traits outside of the two Pawn Bots submitted will result in your Forge Request being denied. 

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